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Dr. David Burns, completed his medical studies at Stanford University and continued to train and work in Philadelphia with Dr. Aaron Beck. In 1980 he published his first best selling self help book in cognitive therapy: ‘Feeling Good, the new mood therapy’. ‘Feeling Good’ has since sold over 5 million copies and was translated to dozens of languages around the world. In the 1990s Dr. Burns returned to Stanford where he trained therapists and psychiatrists in TEAM-Therapy CBT, a revolutionary set of therapy tools designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness of therapy for depression, anxiety, relationship problems or habits and addictions. Several years ago, a group of Master level clinicians in Dr. Burns’ methods formed the Feeling Good Institute in CA, a treatment and training center dedicated to making Dr. Burns’ work accessible to the public. Taylor Chesney, PsyD, a New York native, studied and trained in California with Dr. Burns directly and has reached the Master level in TEAM CBT certification provided by Feeling Good Institute. Upon her return to New York she accepted the position of leadership of the Feeling Good Institute in NYC.

Taylor Chesney, PsyD

Center Director, Master in TEAM CBT

Robert Schachter, EdD

Level  4 TEAM CBT Clinician and Trainer

Lindsy Koroly, PsyD

Level 1 TEAM CBT Therapist

The Feeling Good Institute, is both a treatment center and community for therapists looking for advanced training in CBT. It was formed in 2010 in CA as a group of Stanford University trained clinicians, mentored by Dr. Burns, decided to concentrate their efforts at making the highest quality TEAM CBT accessible to the public. Since then, they’ve created a training and certification programs in TEAM CBT for therapists and multiple treatment programs for patients. Spearheaded by Dr. Taylor Chesney, we are excited to bring this results oriented high speed treatment to New York.

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